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It’s a great pleasure to have you on DJ Equipment, a website for all level of DJ, from beginners to professionals.

The art of DJing is my passion since 2010 when I first started. Iv’e been entertaining people all over my country during 4 years in all kind of event. I’m going to share with you everything you need to know to be the best DJ of all time.


Back in 2010 I was 18 years old and a magician. And when I was doing magic in those weddings and birthday party Iv’e always been exciting to see the DJ equipment, the light system, the sound system and then his performance if I wasn’t too tired.

So I had an idea “hey Charles, what about create your own business as DJ & Magician” yes exactly, 241 concepts. Let’s just imagine you want to organize a birthday party for your best mate, and you want to hire a magician and a DJ. So you need 2 different people, but me I can do both performance for a lower price. So you’ve got one guy who can entertain all your night, how good is that!

So iv’e decided to buy my first controller, it was an Audiophony SKILL and I had Virtual DJ on my computer. Then I bought some lights and a small smoking machine, pretty sure everything come from a cash shop.

After a year of entertaining friends and family I wanted to make some money. So Iv’e invest more money in professional DJ equipment. To the Audiophony controller I went to 2 CDJ400 and a Xone92 and Iv’e stopped using software and decided to work my music skills with my ears and not my computer screen.

After 3 years I was making good money, I was traveling around my country and meeting a ton of people. And Iv’e decided to develop a new skill: the MIC !! And then it change my life, I wasn’t a DJ, I was a DJ entertainer. Iv’e realized DJing is not just about music and know who the best artist is at the moment on DJ mag, it’s about your audience, analyzing the dance floor and understand their musical needs.

And now, here I am, looking forward to share my experience with you.


Iv’e seen and you probably seen as well, some DJ who wasn’t committed to their work. Maybe they lost passion, maybe they don’t like the music anymore or they don’t feel the vibe. But unfortunately this reflect on the performance. Imagine you getting married and you pay a DJ for THE NIGHT OF YOUR LIFE, but the DJ is not in the mood and don’t give a **** about your night.

Well this cannot happen! You are going to be the dream seller, the guy who’s going to make sure this night is gonna be THE NIGHT. So I want to share all my experience with you to make sure you are taking a good start and you’ve got all the tools to succeed


You are going to find here, all the best DJ equipment for beginners and professionals. Tutorials about the DJing and entertainment. You’ll find reviews about a lot of products. If you don’t know what to buy, which brand? what price? I’ll be here to help and advice you. I will update as well festival and DJ event.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



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