Best DJ Lighting Effect 2019


Do you imagine your birthday, wedding or private party in the dark?

Of course not, a Mobile, Event or Entertainer DJ provides as well the light system for the venue. Having a good light system can take an evening from blah and boring to outstanding and exhilarating.

In this post I’m going to show the Best DJ Lighting Effect for 2019 for your needs.

You don’t need to buy a powerful laser for a kid’s birthday and you don’t want a disco ball for a massive wedding!

I’ve picked those lighting with the best price/quality ratio and because I’ve used them in the past as well.

Lights can be useful in a multitude of settings including homes, bars, nightclubs, stages, weddings, or even at church. With so many options and relatively new technologies, it can be confusing to find the right products.

Everytime you want to buy a DJ light equipment, ask yourself these questions:

Which use ? Which event? What size is it (has to fit in your car)? Where (outside/inside)? Which power source? Is it heavy?



LED Light Effect : THE MUST HAVE

Coupled of years ago, DJs were using Lamp light effect, very powerful but heavy, expensive to buy, lamp expensive to change and sometimes you had to replace it very often.

Now we’ve got something lighter, more resistant and cheaper: the LED (Light-Emitting Diodes) light effect.

The best DJ LED lights use less power, generate less heat, offer a wide variety of color options, can be dimmed using DMX controllers, have a much longer lifespan than traditional lighting, and are more visible in daylight which makes them a great choice for outdoor use.

There are many types of DJ lighting effects. Effect lighting refers to lights that use multiple beams and various motions to create the wanted effect.

I’ve picked my two favorites one, I’ve used them so many times and they are actually the cheapest light effects I’ve got because they are also the first one I bought.

The American DJ Mini Dekker Derby Effect


The Mini Dekker is easy to use with 7 different operation modes (Via DMX) including strobe effect.

With the ADJ Mini Dekker you get an easy 4 button Menus to select the internal programs and select DMX-512 operation.

To make it simple for you guys is got a handy bracket to easily fit to any DJ setup and with the Mini Dekkers lightweight design makes it easy to install.

This little bad boy can be a bit noisy but a soon as you start playing your music is totally awesome. (Sound sensitivity is adjusted by use of a rotary control on the rear of the unit)

A simple and effective way to cover a dance floor with lighting, two of these small fixtures will cover a small to medium dance floor with no issues

With almost 180 degrees of cover wall-to-wall won’t be an issue either and at this price point this little fixture is great value for money.


  • Cheap price
  • Small and Light
  • Perfect for Small and Medium venue


  • Can be a bit noisy
  • Not recommend for big venue, you’ll be short in power

For all Spec and Price product => Just over here

Equinox Hot Rod


This compact moving head beam effect features 8 fast sweeping beams from its twin-tilting bars of eight 3W LEDs.

The sweeping bars are fitted to a rotating base that fill the room with pin sharp colored beams and look superb when used with fog or haze.

They can be definitely more fragile than the Mini Dekker by the mirrors but WHAT AN EFFECT, yes I do recommend a pair of this, but I’ve used them outside and inside and it’s perfect.

Great light for the price. Does pretty much everything that an expensive light will do but the weight is a definitely heavier than the Mini Dekker

People don’t recommend for big venue and I disagree, you can totally use them for a venue of 200-300 people BUT you have to own a fog/smoking machine


  • Cheap light for you get
  • Can work anywhere
  • Auto, sound active and master/slave mode


  • Mirrors are fragile so be careful
  • The weight a bit heavy
  • Not a great shape to fit in the car without a flight case

For all Spec and Price => Click right here

As you can understand now, the LED Light Effect can fit everywhere in any kind of event. Well almost, I’m not going to recommend that for a festival or a big outdoor party.

For Who? Anyone who want to start with something cheap and with quality. Professional are still buying those because it can fit anywhere and as a backup, it can save your night.

PAR-LED: Adopt the professional look

When you see the wedding room decorate with the light on the wall, the DJ with his Lycra cloth behind him enlightened in purple, green, blue or pink.

All of this can be possible with those PAR. They not here to do the light show but to show you, to give some value to the room, the event.

You can have one, two or twelve of these, you can keep or rent them. These light are going to give you a great value even when you are not performing.

American DJ Mega TriPar Profile

The ADJ Mega Tripar Profile Plus is a compact, low profile par designed for up-lighting and stage lighting, and will bring color and excitement to any party.

This fixture features a unique “sit-flat” design so that it may sit directly on the ground or inside truss without the scissor yoke because the power & DMX ins and outs are mounted on the side of the fixture, not on the rear.

Sound mode is very good, the sensitivity is by far better than all other lights I have so it’s instant change on beats.

Super easy to choose the color you want, you don’t even need to connect them in DMX (even if I recommend to)

This light provides up lighting, sound activated lighting, strobe lighting, pulse/fade lighting, this is more versatile than any other light I owned.


  • Cannot really beat that price
  • Small and slim
  • A lot of light effect included UV
  • Can be use in any Event


  • A bit hard to understand the program
  • Remote not included

For All Spec and Price => Just one click there!

Who is it for? Everybody who wants to look more professional and start offering the “decorating option” in their contract.

Well to be honest, even for personal use is not a problem: You can have a nice colorful garden or terrace, you can stick one under a tree during a late barbecue or even as a “reception light” in front of your main door


Strobe: Don’t use it too much !!!


Strobe lights utilize a white pulsing light beam. They create a fast flash effect that can be used in many ways.

I recommend to have a strobe because this additional effect can make a huge difference in a club, garden party, outdoor or big venue

HOEWEVER, during a wedding or birthday party you have to make sure you don’t use it too much, you may have epileptic people or children and you could cause a seizure. And apparently, it’s due to photosensitivity

So yes the strobe can give a massive energy to the crowd after the drop on the late night, but you have to use it with caution.

BoomToneDJ S-1500 PRO


  • Can make the difference during your performance
  • Powerful lamp 1500W
  • Only 3kg
  • Very good ratio Price/Quality


  • The mains lead is only about 1/2 meter long
  • Very fragile so don’t drop it
  • Manual or DMX activation only

For All Spec and Price => Just one click

I would not say the strobe is a must have, I personally never used one because my lighting effect and par have a strobe effect. Is definitely a must for a big EDM party but not really for a wedding or birthday.

A word of caution: Don’t over use strobe lights. Focus on using as an enhancement, but not as the main feature.



The Laser: Like in festival

Laser effect lights create an intense color beam. These lights often have built-in display programs and some are even sound activated so your lights will move along with the music.

Highly advanced laser lights can even produce 3D effects and a wide range of other interesting effects. Lasers are more likely to stand out when coupled with fog machines.

I’m not going to show you the best laser because this is an “optional equipment”, same as the strobe, the laser can be very powerful and can cause damage to your audience.

Let’s just start with a cheap, easy and safe onelaser



  • Very Cheap laser
  • Easy and quick to install
  • Waterproof
  • Low Voltage Product
  • Can be use anywhere


  • 700gr so be careful with it
  • Can cause damage to the eyes

All Spec and Price => Just here


For Who? Everyone who want to create a nice ambiance for Indoor or Outdoor party

Don’t rush into buying this, there are hundreds of lasers out there, each one for a specific use. I don’t recommend this one for a big venue

The Fog/Smoking Machine: Now you can see the light

The importance of haze or fog (atmospherics) cannot be over stated. Atmospherics make a big difference on how a DJ and their lighting is perceived.

fog machine

It may seem obvious, but you cannot see lighting until it has something to hit.

By adding haze or fog into the air, it allows you to fill the air with light, instead of just the walls and floor.

This provides a much more immersive experience for the audience.

You must get one of the Fog Machine if you want to see the best of your light, specially for outdoor venue

I do recommend The Chauvet Hurricane 1000 who can do the job for any indoor venue.

I’m not going too much into details but you can check this ==> Just right here



How Should I Choose My Light Effect?


The first step for choosing the best DJ lighting products is to think about what your goals are.

You’ll need to examine the space or spaces you’ll be lighting, the mood you want to create, the power you’ll have access to, and how it will be set up.

The answers to the questions will be very different for someone picking out fun lights for a kid’s party as opposed to someone who is starting out in a professional mobile DJ business.

Once you have an idea of what you want to achieve with your lighting, it will make finding the best DJ lights easier.

The Light I showed you are absolutely perfect for someone who want to start the DJ business or someone who want to entertain their friends party.

There are tons of different lights, effects and brand, so can it can be very easy to get confuse.

Feel free to ask question in the comment section below


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