Effects of Working Night Shift [Cons & Pros]


You never work on night shift? You’ve always been on daily routine? You’re afraid to finish at 4AM? You’re always tired during the day and you can’t sleep during the night?

No worries, I’m going to explain you the Effects of Working Night Shift, the cons and the pros.

Everybody is afraid and think “I’m not going to be awake during the all night, this is impossible”.

If you never work night shift before is going to be hard during the first month because you don’t get use to it.

For some people it’s easy because they’ve got difficulty to sleep during the night.

However there are couple a thing you need to know before you decide to work on night or no.


The Cons of Working Night Shift

1- Say Bye-Bye to Weekend and Bank Holiday

As a DJ, your busiest time during the year is going to be when “normal” people are not working. Yes you’ve guessed it, the weekend and bank holiday.

While they’re off and having a good time, you will work for them all night long. Is going to be harder to have these lovely family dinner on Saturday/Sunday. Maybe you’ll be working or maybe you’ll be sleeping.

The day in a year when you can make the most money: New years Eve and Christmas Eve. You don’t have to work but you’ll miss the best check of the year!

2- The Yo-Yo Sleep Pattern

If you get use to the wake up a 6am and bedtime at 10pm, let me tell you something: THIS IS OVER. You’ll never really know what time you gonna finish, what time you gonna wake-up and where you gonna work. You might be leaving during the night on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and then wake up, thinking is Monday but it’s already Tuesday.

Then you’ll catch-up your daily routine, wake-up at 6am on Friday but don’t forget you might have to be awake 24h that day. Don’t forget to have a nap.

The worse thing is probably the fact that you might don’t sleep 7/7 days with your partner. You’ll probably go to bed when she/he wake-up.

3- Higher Risk of Injury

At one point you gonna be tired for sure. I know some of us are like “I’m never tired, I’m a party animal”. Yes good, but the body is going to say STOP. And then appear accident because you didn’t force yourself to get enough sleep.

I had two car accident because I fall asleep on my way back to home after entertaining a Wedding and a Conference (haven’t been hurt fortunately). This two accidents gave me a massive lesson for sure. GET SOME F***NG REST!!

Lack of sleep affects your vigilance, which means that you might have a hard time to be focus on your work. This can lead to costly accidents, sloppy work or – in some cases – even injury.

4- Alcohol and Aggressive Behavior

Most of the time you will deal with drunk people because it’s the Weekend and everyone is having fun and I’m glad they are enjoying the party.

But you’ll have to deal with constant request by drunk people and you have to stay professional. Someone might just fall of a chair and land on your tripod where your speaker is.

Secure everything, your equipment is worth a lot of money and everything can happen at anytime.

A fight can happen at anytime as well and it can get very dangerous! Don’t be afraid to stop the music and speak into the microphone: SECURE your guests.

5- It Can Affect Your Mental Health

Adjusting your sleep pattern can cause stress, an irregular heartbeat and even cardiovascular complications for people with a weak heart.

Reduced social interactions can also negatively affect your mental health.

The fact you never see the sun on the weekend, not sleeping very often with your partner and always work when people have fun could cause depression

6- You Won’t Have Any Help Support

Yes my friend, you are on YOUR OWN. Nobody knows better than you your equipment, so if you’ve got a problem during the night you not gonna have a 24/7 help support service.

All shop will be close when you’ll play the first song, so make sure everything is working perfectly. Run many test as you want. Check, double check, triple check if you’ve got battery, gaffer, enough cable etc…

7- Breakfast, Launch, Dinner, ALL IN ONE

You never know when, where and what you going to eat, simply because this is not your priority. The first thing you want to do is SLEEP and you pass the stage when you suppose to eat.

Then you wake up, eat a snack and maybe come back to bed.

If you are working, you’ll eat before your show (nice food most of the time) and then nothing until you finish, and it can be long.

After your shift or performance, depending on what time is it and where you are, there is a high chance that, every fast-food and take-away are close, specially if it’s Sunday morning.


The Pros of Working Night Shift


1- The Road is Yours

I don’t know a lot of people driving at 5 AM on a Sunday. You are going to be alone on the road, no traffic so you’ll be home quicker than anybody else.

Because you won’t have to stop your car every 5minutes, it won’t be necessary to fill it every two days at the petrol station, you’ll drive economically.

2- You don’t have to wait anymore

You are maybe working on night, but in other words it means, while you are off, the other persons are working. You are free to go anywhere you want without booking any appointment (hairdresser, bank etc..)

The best time for you to do your food shopping, no queue at the till and a lot of choice of fresh product.

3- Money Money Money

Working on night can be tough but the money is definitely much better than working o a daily shift.

You can make a fortune during the celebrations (Christmas, New Year, Easter), people are willing to paid anything to find someone who can work during those days.

Don’t forget about overtime, you could charge £100/h for every extra hours you do.

4- Part-time or Full-Time Job

Because you already make an income while you are working the weekend, instead to do nothing during the week, get yourself a part-time job or even a full-time job.

Most of the DJ and other Artist got a full-time job during the week. Trust me, at the end of the month you’ll be surprise how much you can make.

Fancy going back to school? No problem you’ve got time for it.

The night shift makes it easier for you to attend classes and meet tutors during the day. Working nights can be a great short-term solution while you gain the qualifications to move elsewhere

You can apply for everything!!! Why not doing school in morning, part-time job in afternoon and DJ on the Weekend? You’ll be able to do a lot of things during the day

5- So Much More Convenient

You have enough to miss your parcel at 11AM? Struggle to find the right day for the plumber to fix your bathroom? Great, because you won’t have this problem anymore.

You are not going to miss any parcel because you’ll be at home. You can fix your bathroom or kitchen any day you want because you’ll be at home.

Pick-up your kid at school will be much easier and you won’t be late anymore.

You’ve got enough to these crowdies gyms? Excellent, during the afternoon you’ll be able to use every gym equipment straight away!

Get yourself some rest and why not go for a walk in the park at 3PM

6- You Are Partying!

This is definitely not the worse job, watching nice wedding, eating good food for free and meeting new people while you are working isn’t that terrible. Is it?

You’ll be listening to music and watching people dance and having fun, so why not you as well?

7- Stay in Your Bed on Monday

While people are gonna have to wake up Monday morning at 5-6AM, you can stay in your bed all day if you want.

You can wake-up at anytime you want and take all the rest you need.

8- More Productive

Another benefit of fewer people being around is that you will have to double up on your responsibilities, allowing you to learn new skills.

Often, you will also have to deal with problems on your own, too, as there is no one else to assist you; this helps you to gain more experience.

The night shift has fewer disruptions from bosses or difficult coworkers meaning that you can relax, focus and pay more attention to your work.

In turn, this will boost your productivity!!


Is it For You?

You can’t really tell if you haven’t tried it. The first week, even the first month can be confusing and a real mess. You are changing your lifestyle, so you need and have to be organize.

Time-management is the key. I’ve been working on night during 8 years and I’m still doing it. I’ve learn how to manage my week, my days and hours.

I’m able to do everything but yes I miss my family dinner and weekend party for sure.

What about you? Are you working on night or have you worked on night? Tell me in the comment what did you like and what did you dislike.



7 thoughts on “Effects of Working Night Shift [Cons & Pros]

  1. I think a night shift is not for me. I have never tried it but I like very much my morning routine and sleeping early at night. Specially because I do a lot of sports and this would make it difficult.

    1. Night shift is not for everyone and if I have to choose between : Sleeping early night or early morning, I will follow you.
      You are right, doing sport it’s a bit harder when you are working on night because you might just woke-up before your training.

  2. I dislike night shift immensely. I had a job where I had to be there at 4 am, and that sucked. The only benefit was being off work at noon.

    I have also had several jobs over the years where I worked 11 pm to 7 am and I did not enjoy that either. It takes a special kind of person to do those hours month after month and I am grateful for those who can.

    Great post and very informative.

  3. Thanks for sharing both lists. I have a neighbor who is a train driver. His shifts are a mess. One day he’s working night, the third day he works in the morning. By the look of him, you can see that he’s different than the rest. He could make use of your article. Thanks again.

  4. Hi Charles, I used to work some night shifts at a shell Petrol station as a student, and it used to mess up my following day entirely. My clockwork used to take few days to get back to normal and I use to feel lethargic!

  5. Hi Charles,
    Ive never worked a night shift but have done overnight volunteer work in the past. Was ok every now and again but I don’t think I could’ve done it full time.
    Funny thing is now that I’m older and a grandma, I don’t sleep very well anymore. Maybe I could do it now LOL.
    This was great advice for those that do work nights.

    1. Hi suzanne, working a night shift is not suitable for everyone, specially if you already got children (missing the dinner, not chilling in the sofa with them before bed time…).
      I got a colleague is working at night 5 days a week and is over 60 years old, I’m still speachless when I see how efficient and productive he is (probably more than the young generation)

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