How To Install Virtual DJ [Step by Step]

You maybe don’t have a Mixer or some decks or Turntable, maybe too expensive for now.

You maybe have no idea what is beatmatching, EQ, FX or CUE

Don’t worry you don’t have to invest a penny to learn how to mix and how it works.

This is why I’m going to show you a fantastic software that can let you mix without any DJ equipment: Virtual DJ

This is what VirtualDJ says: VirtualDJ is a DJ software for PC and MAC. It is used by DJs to replace their turntables and CD players, and use digital music instead of vinyl and CDs.

If you want to know How to Install Virtual DJ and get this magic software you just need to follow EVERY STEPS of this post and in less than 5min you’ll be able to launch VirtualDJ for FREE.

Let’s get started

1- Open you browser and in the search bar just simply type “Virtual DJ” and click on the first link or just go on



2- You are now on the official website of VirtualDJ and remember you want this software for free, click on the bottom right corner of the page “Download” 



3- You should be now on a new page, click on the download link you need, I’m on MAC so I’m NOT going to click on the PC Version right?



4- You are now on another new page (you can close the other one, we won’t come back on it) where you gonna have the quick specs of virtualDJ and the “Download link”, click on this one.

It won’t take long, the software is less than 45MB. When is done, close everything, go into your download folder and open VirtualDJ


5- My install guide is in French but basically you just gonna click on “next” and “accept” everytime (bottom right corner)



6- If you’re on MAC is gonna ask you your password, just type it where it says ‘password” and then, click on “install the software”


7- At this point you’re install should be done



8- Now find your VirtualDJ software and launch it



9- VirtualDJ’s gonna ask you to connect by clicking on the link of your choice: Facebook, Email, Google, Microsoft or Wechat. DO IT and then you can access to all the features of VirtualDJ. (I’ve used Facebook)



10- You should have a small window saying “connect“, close it. You might have a recommendation for a new version or update, I personally didn’t do it because we supposed to have downloaded the last version, so just click on “NO”



11- Nearly there my friend, now you going to have another window “Tutorials” where you can learn how to get started. Just close it because we need to check if the software works.



12- Open any folder of your computer where you’ve got music on it. Select any music you want and put it on one the decks (the digital vinyl).


13-You should see your music loading on the deck either on the left or right side (blue and red)


14- Now just press play and enjoy the music!!



If you’re music cannot be read, check this link => VirtualDJ help

Have a look inside the software, re-open the tutorial tab and be curious, in the next post I will show you how to use VirtualDJ

If you got any problem or questions feel free to ask in the comment section below



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