How To Sign A Contract In 6 Steps

signe a contract

So now you’ve got some experience behind the decks, you’ve done a couple of gigs and birthdays ad you know what you are capable of.

It’s time my friend to be more professional, your passion is an art but it’s also a BUSINESS.

You want to bring your name or your brand on the top ? You want to get a better notoriety? Of course YES, if you can do this then => Increase your PRICE

No secret for this, you’ll have to sell your brand or in other world: YOURSELF

You maybe never done this before, no problem I’ll show you in this article How to sign a contract in 6 steps !!!

I’ve always used this business method and I never, ever hear from a customer “No, sorry we are not interesting”

Today you’ve got a lot of way to communicate: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Website, Blog… But I want you to forget this for now, the best way to communicate your brand is…. WORD-OF-MOUTH

Let me ask you something, you are on holiday and you want to eat in a very good restaurant

Option 1: You type on google ” the best place to eat in…..”, look prices and reviews and then go


Option 2: One of your friend been there before and recommend you to eat at another place instead.

Which one do you pick? Which one do you trust more? Easy answer isn’t it.

That’s why this is the most effective way to get a good notoriety because PEOPLE TALK, TALK and TALK

Alright let’s get started

Step 1 – The After Party : Everything Start Here !

It’s 3 A.M, you’ve just been 5hours behind the decks, on the stage entertaining the bride and the groom and it’s time to stop the music.

Guess what? You haven’t finish yet, don’t stay behind your decks unplug in everything and starting to disassemble your equipment, STOP !!

Take a break, go grab a drink and ask the groom and the bride how was their night, ask for feedback, go see the guests and answer to all the questions.

Show them you are not just here to press play, stop and see you later. Show them interest, ask them question “what you doing in life? Are you working tomorrow? How do you know the groom/bride?”

Maybe this night you haven’t perform very well or you had technical problem, don’t matter because what people are going to remember is the last impression of you. If you finish your night by being friendly, YOU’VE WON.

And wait until the question: “Do you do this very often?” “Are you available for next year?” “How much do you take per night?” “How long have you been doing this?”


Answer to everything, be transparency except for one point: THE PRICE. You need more information to give a price and is not the time to talk about money at 3AM after an expensive weekend.

Have some business card ready and stay as long as you can because this is how you start to grow yourbusiness

And remember one thing: Doesn’t matter which event you are entertaining, you never know who you are going to meet!

And now you just have to be patient for the step 2

Step 2: The Contact – Be Quick

This is what you’ve been waiting for a week or more: A message, an e-mail or a phone call

So let say you’ve just received a phone call but you were to busy and couldn’t answer but, you’ve got a message on your voice mail saying “Hi my name is ……I’m looking for a DJ for ….. can you call me back please”

STOP everything you are doing get your calendar ready and call the number back immediately. WHY ? Because this person is maybe calling a lot of DJs today and the fact you are calling back quickly show your interest as well.

During the phone call or E-mail there are some important pointphone

  • Where did you know me? You want to show them you remember where you meet or which wedding or birthday they talking about
  • Date available: Before you go further into details, go straight to the point and ask when do they need you.
  • Which Event? You need to know for what kind of event is. Is maybe for an exhibition of 2000 people, so you’ll know if you can entertain this event.
  • How long, How many people? The more questions you ask, the more professional you look.
  • NO PRICE: Not yet, you don’t have enough information yet, and if you’ve passed the previous question it means you are available and capable of entertaining this event. You can tell something like ” I need more information but I would say between £200 and £600″
  • Set-up a FACE TO FACE: Don’t hang up the phone before you got a day and a time for a meeting. You need to meet them, you want to know them and you want them to know you. Try to see them during the next 2-7 days after the phone call
  • Give them a task: The day of the meeting you want to know if they’ve got request, how many people exactly, which music, additional equipment etc… You want this by E-mail in the next 2days before the meeting but don’t rush them, they’ve got a lot to think already.
  • Contact Information: You want their E-mail and phone number before you hang-up. Never good to call back and say “sorry I forget to ask…”

OK, so you have your meeting date, let’s go to step 3

Step 3: Prepare your Meeting

After the Phone call or E-mail send a recap of everything you need for the meeting

  • Additional equipment: Video projector, big screen, Additional light, Microphone, Portable speaker…
  • Hours of performance: Time you start and finish (Mixing only because they have no idea how long it takes to set-up everything)
  • Exact location of the Event: You want to know where exactly, google it, have look on pictures etc…
  • Any additional need

As soon as you’ve got this information, prepare two contracts to be sign the day of the meeting (one for you af one for them), and now you know how much is going to cost but they can still change their mind (don’t need big screen actually or we don’t want additional light anymore), so no price yet on the contract

You need to know how much is gonna cost you to go to the location of the event, the more details you’ve got on your contract, the better is.

Tips: Take picture and video of your DJ equipment with light on, then you can show them how is going to be the day of the event.

Now you are ready for the meeting

Step 4: The Meeting – Be On Time !!

You have to know something before we step into the meeting


You are going to meet them at their place or favorite bar, you are going to drive TO them and you are NOT gonna charge them for that.

By doing this small effort and investment you are showing them how professional you are ! And, you are maybe the only one who does that. YOU ARE MAKING THE DIFFERENCE

DON’T BE LATE !! I know it makes sense but please, be on time for the meeting.clock

There are some important points to don’t miss

  • Be polite: You don’t know them personally, so be respectful
  • Double check what you discussed on the phone or by E-mail: Make sure the event is still at the same place, it’s still a wedding or birthday, your starting time hasn’t changed…
  • Their requests: What do they need? Which music to play and to NOT play? Any specific equipment they might need…
  • Be clear: Explain them how the day gonna be from the moment you arrive until you leave. Step by step, don’t surprise them and be very clear and ready to answer to every single question
  • Power source: If they know if you need to bring a power source or not (outdoor)
  • Ask questions: The more information you get the better is for both side
  • Who’s preparing the dinner, which company or person did they hire: Maybe you work with him or her before

This step 4 is all about asking questions, listening their requests and exchange ideas

Step 5: Offer Different Options – Give them Value

Think outside the box, yes you are the DJ but you want to make sure every other aspect are going to be good

  • Do they have games or role-play during the dinner or cocktail? Give them ideas
  • Any children? What music they like?
  • They got so many things to think about so they might forget things: Are you gonna need a portable speaker? Do you want me to do some announcement?
  • Show them the picture and video of your light systemshow)light
  • For a Wedding: Any ideas for the opening dance music? Give them many ideas as you can. GIVE THEM VALUE

By offering all these ideas and services for FREE, you are showing them how much you care about the success of their wedding/birthday

Fancy a portable Speaker bluetooth for any Event => Just here

Step 6: Contract and Signature: Be Clear

Final part, the easiest one to be fair. As soon as you set-up the meeting they already sign the contract.

Your contract has to be clear

  • Your contact details
  • Their contact details
  • location of the event
  • Type of event
  • What time you arrive – What time you finish to set-up your equipment – What time you start & Finish
  • Meal included
  • How many people
  • Any rent of equipment e.g if more than 200 people you might have to rent a more powerful sound system
  • How far from your home is the location of the event and how much is gonna cost
  • What equipment you are gonna bring
  • The price of your performance + any additional cost you need to add or remove after this meeting (Video projector needed, they don’t want additional light outside…)
  • 50% of the price has to be paid at the day of the signature and no refundable: be very clear about this

After that, the price is up to you, ask around you, the price of DJ Mobile is different everywhere. Sometimes you gonna have people willing to pay anything or sometimes you are going to adapt your price

They going to pay you my friend, so give them a kind of insurance, make sure they are trusting you

signe a contract


If they signed it You’ll Have to do it

They did the job you’ve asked for, now get ready to do yours!

Don’t make them sign stuff you are not able to do, don’t be too greedy.

Have a look here => The Day Of The Wedding

But remember you are professional, if you say yes to their price straight away, you are loosing credibility, be in control!

Sometimes they gonna say: “We found another DJ next door and is £200 cheaper than you” don’t be afraid to say “No problem take him, but do you want just a DJ from your neighborhood for your birthday/wedding or do you want a Professional DJ Entertainer who’s gonna make your event the night of your life?”

Trust yourself, if you know what you worth then tell them. There are DJs everywhere at any price so don’t be afraid to refuse a contract (and most of the time they call you back during the week)

If you follow these 6 Steps and put motivation and work on it, you’re going to be the ONE!!

This Model work for a lot of jobs, is all about giving value to the customer before they pay anything.

Tell me in the comment below if you ever meet a DJ like this? Anything I could forget?

6 thoughts on “How To Sign A Contract In 6 Steps

  1. I love the deep explanation of everything here, and how you lay it out. I found this to be super informative and learned a few things that I had no idea about! Where do I sign!? LOL

  2. Charles, I really enjoyed reading this post. I have never looked at a DJ website before and yours looks very nice. This particular post on the contract reminds me a lot of how I used to develop and work with my wedding photography clients when I ran my own photography studio. Conducting yourself as a professional is a very important part of getting clients and making them happy. Does your contract include the “take-a-ways” (video files and any prints)? Also, what do you do about copywrite – do you retain it?
    Thanks again for this great post. – Shirley

    1. Happy you enjoy this article
      And no, no video files or prints
      It’s only a contract With my entrepreneur number (that’s in France i don’t know how it’s in other country exactly)
      And I don’t have any copyright
      Just one contract on paper for me and the person who hire me and then an email after the performance saying I’ve received the full payement of “£”
      What was your take-a-ways?
      Thank you

  3. Thank you so much for this in depth guide to getting the contract. It is great advice for someone like me who is starting a new business. It was great that you also highlighted that even if things go wrong on the night it is the last impression that counts. As an entertainer I know that you are never ‘off duty’ until you drive away from the venue. It is always good to have business cards, and mingle after a gig. Like you said, you never know what guests might be throwing a party in the near future. The Best Dj’s I have hired or dealt with are those that can read a crowd, and change the atmosphere in a second. Dance floor is empty, solved with a quick switch of the song. My Dad was in the business for 40 years and he always taught me, that it always about crowd pleasing. Every party or event is different and you have shown a great way to succeed. Many thanks for the steps. I hope they help me succeed too.

    1. You very welcome
      And I can tell you one thing
      Your Dad was 100% right
      40 years in the business it’s very impressive
      I wish you all the best and don’t hesitate for more questions

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