Sennheiser HD25 Review 2019 : A New World Of Sound


You are in the DJ shop and are ready to purchase your first microphone, controller or mixer but to learn how to mix you are gonna need one thing: A HEADPHONE

There are out there a ton of headphones, big and small one, cheap and expensive one, bad and good-looking one… Question is: Which one do you need ?

The first headphone you buy can be the only one you ever buy so don’t go straight to a second hand headphone in a pawn shop.

You might use it for DJing, for producing music, watching movies or in the bus. Pioneer, Bose, Shure, Sennheiser, Denon and many more are all very good brand of headphones.

I first bought a Beats by Dr Dre 7 years ago to just “show off” but had to change it after two months. Then I bought Beats again, the Detox and it cost me a fortune, what a waste of money.

Then I decided to go to a DJ shop and ask for help, so I did ask “which headphone would you recommend for a DJ?”

Straight away I saw this little cheeky HD25 and since 2013, I’ve never changed.

In this article I’m going to review the Sennheiser HD25, more than a headphone, a partner who survived everywhere at everything!!

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The Sennheiser HD25, solid and elegant

I’ve never been a big fan of flashy and shinny object. So when I saw this simple and black headphone I already liked it. Don’t get me wrong but if you are a DJ without style you are going to loose some value.

When I hold the HD25 for the first time, I was surprised by the weight (compare to the Beats I had before) and I knew one thing: “Charles you are so clumsy don’t even think to buy it, you’ll break it!”

But I had to analyze this Sennheiser a bit closer, so I put it on my head and my ears. I can tell you one thing, this headphone is not going to fall of your head.

You can feel the pressure of the earcups on your ears. If you wear glasses you gonna feel it no worries.

The thing is, in 6 years I’ve never had to fix my HD25, I’ve been using it outside, while it was raining, I’ve dropped it on the ground, in the sand and even in a swimming pool once (told you I’m clumsy).

Most of the headphones, if you’ve got a problem with it, you’ll have to change the entirely headphone.

But with the HD25, every pieces can be change individually by yourself.

Headband padding and earcups are both made from the hard wearing Sennheiser “fake” leather that I personally love and the good news is that both of these parts are easily replaceable over time by YOURSELF!

Come on guys, more than 25 years in the music industry this HD25. So yes it’s resistant and solid, no problem to throw it away in your car or your sofa when you done.

Wear it in any way you Want

You don’t need to have a small or big head. The HD-25 can be adjust to anyone.

The Headband can be split and adjust to provide security and avoid the drop.

If you want to keep an ear in a real world, no problem my friend, the rotatable capsule allows the user to listen to music on only one ear. This feature is exceptionally important to DJs and music producers.

I’m going to let Mr Martin Solveig speaking for me this time

Excellent Isolation and Sound Quality

I’m not going to lie, the HD-25 is not one of the best headphone to wear 4-5 hours during a listening session. Because of its high clamping pressure on your ears you are not going to wear it constantly, you’ll need a break after 2-3 hours.sennheiser-HD-25

Yes the HD-25 have a very strong clamping force and you’ll definitely feel it after couple of hours, BUT on the other side you are going to be out of your external environment. You can take it into the tram, the underground or a noisy environment, you’ll still be deaf about what’s around you.

The sound is so well balance in every level. You are not going to have too much bass, medium or treble but a pure and accurate sound. No artificial flavor or additional effect, just the perfect reproduction of the sound.

The sound pressure of Sennheiser HD 25 is capped at 120 decibels. That’s one of the reasons why these headphones are so good for DJs and, generally speaking, they’re good for everyone who likes to listen to their music at loud levels..

Talking as a DJ, you can perfectly hear the beat of your tunes and this make the process of beatmatching much easier. You are not going to be disturb by the other sound around even if you use only one earcup.

However due to the 70 ohm resistance these headphones have you will want to make sure you are using them with a suitably powered source.

The Pros and Cons

The Pros

  • Lightweight design: 140 grams, you won’t get tired wearing it.
  • Tough cable: 1.5 meters, resistant and it won’t rip my friend!
  • Headband adjustable: Wear it in the way you want
  • Isolation: You are going to be in your own world of music and sound
  • Perfect reproduction of the sound
  • Great resistant: You’ll get tired before this bad boys
  • High Performance: Superior comfortability, excellent sound quality, and tremendous reliability
  • What an Incredible Value: Massive value for cash, not cheap but not expensive at all for what it can deliver. The Best value on the market since almost 3 decades.
  • Easy to change pieces: everything can be change, cables, earcups; pads…

The Cons

  • The clamping: If you were glasses, you might reconsider to not wear them while you are using the HD-25
  • Specific use: cable very long (you can still change it) for a personal use and you’ll need a powerful source to exploit its full potential.


I Want it

If you think this headphone is for you, if you want something that last long and stay at the top for another 30 years then

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What about you, have you ever tried this headphone? Which one is your favorite?



2 thoughts on “Sennheiser HD25 Review 2019 : A New World Of Sound

  1. I’ve been known to go through headphones, with me being reckless. I’m glad to hear there’s a pair that can take some wear and tear.
    Would these also work with video games?

    1. Hi Anthony, yes the HD-25 would definitely work for video games
      Specially with the long cable they provide, you can just relax on your sofa and enjoy the sound of your video games
      You don’t have to bend over to make sure the cable is long enough from you and your Game console 😉
      And the console or TV can be a good power source of music for this headphone

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