The Best DJ Mixers for Beginners

xone 23 numark m4 and DJM 450 with a red title saying the best dj mixers for beginers

Have you ever been lost in a DJ shop trying to find your first DJ mixer? You don’t know how much you should pay for it? Which one suit you? You don’t understand what all those knobs and faders are? How much are you suppose to pay for your first DJ mixer?

No worries, you’ll find here a review of the Best DJ Mixers for Beginners.

Which decks should you buy with your mixer? ANY!! All the decks and turntables or compatible, you don’t have to match your DJ mixer’s brand. In fact, you can even have 2 different decks so don’t worry about what your DJ setup looks like. You are here to learn first.

If you don’t understand the words I’m about to say, here is a quick recap with simple words:

  • Knobs: Rotative buttons on the mixers
  • EQ: Equalizer with three types of frequencies => Low, Medium and High
  • Output: TO send the sound somewhere (where you plug your speakers & headphone)
  • Input: receiving the sound FROM somewhere (where you plug laptop, microphone, decks)
  • Master: General Volume
  • Cue Master: Headphone’s Volume

Fancy more knowledge about the DJ dictionary => just here



Numark M4 Reviewdj mixer full view numark M4




The Numark M4 is a three-channel professional mixer designed for any DJ who needs maximum flexibility.

This is as well my first DJ mixer that I bought 6 YEARS AGO, and never had problem with it!

Let’s have look in this short video what the M4 looks like (Numark M4 start at 1.14min)





Simple and Fonctionnal

output and input of the numark m4

Something you probably don’t realize is, as a DJ you are not only learning music but as well electricity. Not everybody knows how to send the sound from your decks through your mixer to your speaker.

The Numark M4 is perfect for beginners by its simplicity to setup.

Easy to bring it with you, can fit in your bag-pack and with only 4kg you won’t break your arms.

If you wonder about what kind of event you can entertain the answer is: ANY. It can be for a private party with 20 guests or a big venue with 300 (make sure your sound system got enough power).

microphone input on the numark m4

Built like a tank with Numark’s no-hassle guarantee. With its solid steel chassis for rugged, reliable performance, M4 is ready for professional use anywhere – from clubs to mobile DJ systems and everywhere in between.






Everything you need to start mixing is on the M4.

Replaceable crossfader with reverse and slope control, perfect if you want to start scratching.fader of the numark m4

Two switchable phono/line inputs plus four more dedicated line inputs give you a total of SIX inputs! Add Master and Record outputs, and steep three-band EQ/rotary kills on each channel, and you’ve a powerhouse

package that’s ready to handle whatever the gig throws at you.

Microphone input with EQ and gain, adjust the sound to avoid complaint and Larsen effect.

A Headphone output with crossfader-style cueing complete this performance driven package

Make sure you have all the tools you need for perfect mixing, every time! Thanks to three-band EQs on each channel plus crossfader-reverse and slope controls, M4 gives you all the essential  tools you need to give your audience what they want!



FX and Additional Features


Unfortunately the Numark M4 doesn’t have any FX (DJ effects), touch screen or filter. The only possibility to produce some FX is to connect your DJ set to a DJ software or invest in a high decks quality.EQ 3 channels of the numark M4

However if you are a new DJ like I was when I’ve bought the M4, this is not a problem at all. Having a DJ Mixer with a lot of features can be confusing and you might feel overwhelmed by all this shiny FX.

A good DJ knows how to produce a perfect sound by touching the Equalizer. Because you only have this on the M4 to be creative, chances are: You are going to master it!!

There is no point to start playing with some effects or filters if you can’t adjust the sound!



Pros and Cons



  • Simple to usecue master control headphone numark m4
  • Cheap price
  • 3 Channels
  • Resistant
  • Possibility to have a great DJ set


  • No FX/Filter
  • Can be short in power for some sound system
  • Limited amount of led on the VU meter



Who is it for?


  • People on budget: Cheap price for great value
  • DJ Beginners: You won’t be overwhelmed with the M4
  • DJ who wants a spare DJ mixer as a backup

The M4 has the inputs, controls, and features to turn what would be a problem for the average mixer into a simple plug-in. Don’t get stuck without enough inputs at your next gig – upgrade to M4!

switch line



Price and Finance from £2.94/Month => UK


Buy it on Amazon => US/CAN/FR




Allen & Heath Xone 23 Review

xone 23 full view



The Allen & Heath Xone:23 is the ideal mixer for both professional and aspiring DJs looking to integrate a high-quality mixer into any setup, and is built to deliver exceptional performance in a wide variety of situations.



Sound Quality


When people hear the name Allen & Heath, they know we talking about a pure and clean sound.

There are two channels, with phono and line RCAs per channel. But instead of the usual switch, you can run say a turntable and a CD deck into one channel, each with an input level, and both sharing the channelEQ and faders. I personnally miss that switch.

The sensitivity of the EQ is just the reflect of the brand. Turn any knobs to 1/8 and you will hear the difference.

vue meter EQ

A bit of practice and finess with the EQ are required, you need a time of adaptation about the A&H’s sensitivity, but is definitely worth it.

The Microphone input is on XLR and the mixer got everything you need to adjust the sound of your voice: Master, Low and High Frequency.

The master outputs are on balanced XLR connectors and the mixer includes a dedicated stereo booth output, as well as a dedicated stereo record out for capturing your mixes to a portable recorder.

Like a lot of controllers, it’s effectively a 2+2 channel mixer. If you start Djing is more than enough to develop your skills.



A&H Signature: The Filter


People can buy A&H just for the amazing filter they got.

The Xone:23 DJ Mixer includes an enhanced version of the legendaryeffect filter control interface
Xone filter with resonance control, VCA Faders, band total kill EQ,
illuminated switches, crossfader curve selector and styling inspired by
the flagship Xone:DB4.

The Allen and Heath Xone:23’s analogue Voltage Control Filter (VCF) system offers Low-Pass and High-Pass filters, as well as ‘mild to wild’ resonance control and an FX loop to connect to third party FX units for optimum connectivity.

In most budget mixers, filters are added per channel and operate from low pass to high pass on the same knob. The xone:23 handles it differently in that there is a single filter, assignable to one or both channels, and can be used in low pass or high pass mode universally.

I’m not gonna lie, the filter is very addictive!!



Can I Scratch ?


This is where we need to talk about the difference between two channel mixers and scratch mixers. There is an assumption that two channels = scratch. This is quite wrong, and the xone:23 typifies this perfectly.crossfader

The Xone:23 is compatible with Innofade, allowing you to upgrade the standard crossfader to a custom Innofader crossfader for the ultimate performance.

The stock crossfader on the Xone:23 mixer is reliable and durable but if you are a scratch DJ, the Innofade-compatibility allows you to install the perfect fader to suit any mixing style.

The crossfader also features 3 different curve settings for you to choose from, allowing you to choose between either a smooth transition or a sharp response.

Basically: the xone:23 is not a scratch mixer, but is a two channel mixer that can scratch. The difference is clear, and is most definitely not to the detriment of the product.



Pros and Cons



  • A&H Sound quality pure and cleanmaster output
  • The Best filter on the 2+2 Channel mixer
  • Solid and Small
  • Competitive Price for a great quality


  • No Sound card like Xone 23C
  • Not the best for scratch
  • No Individual channel output LED



Who is it for?


A great DJ mixer if you want to start with some solid base. You can definitely keep it for years and use it in any kind of gigs.

However, I wouldn’t recommend it if you are looking for a professional scratch mixer.power button

I’m personally a big fan of A&H (using the Xone 92) and I never had a problem with it.

But overall, the xone:23 is a supremely well-made two channel mixer that wears many hats, all of which bear the A&H badge with pride. For a budget mixer, A&H has squeezed the maximum out of the price.





Resident in UK you can have a finance from £7,44/Month and it Includes 2 years warranty & 30 days money back guarantee => Get Your Xone 23 Now


Resident in US & CANADA you can have a finance from $46,13/Month => Get Your Xone 23 Now


Resident in UK, FR, CAN, US, Cheapest place is always been on Amazon but no finance plan unfortunately => Buy it On Amazon



Pioneer DJM-450 Review

djm 450 full view



The new Pioneer DJM-450 is built with all the great features from the DJM-900 NXS2. The 450 is ideal with XDJ, CDJ’s and Turntables. Also, the DJM450 is bundled with the latest Rekordbox software including rekordbox DVS. With all these amazing features it makes the DJM450 one of the most advanced 2 channels DJ mixers on the market.

If you are starting to be a DJ you definitely heard about the legendary brand Pioneer DJ

Like A&H you could buy any product blind because of their solid reputation.

This new mixer is the must for beginner and even experience scratcher. Let’s have look closer!


Ergonomic, Professional Layout


The DJM-450 presents you with an intuitive and ergonomic design,
based on the original layout of the DJM-900NXS2 professional mixer. Thisvue meter eq
lays out all the controls for you, in the optimal position to ensure
you can access all functions and parameters with ease, while in the mix.

The DJM-450 is now also available in bundle form, complete with a
Decksaver cover to keep your protected on the move.



Exceptional Sound Quality


The DJM-450 features a built-in 64-bit digital signal processor which
utilizes dithering technology to ensure optimal audio quality
throughout. Whether you’re playing from an analog or digital, the
DJM-450 will provide you with a warm and high-quality sound.headphone cue master



Smooth Controls and Magvel Crossfader


Also, featured on the DJM-450 is a range of controls and functions
that help to streamline and improving your mixing capabilities.

EQs are included on both channels for optimal control, allowing you to
make seamless transitions between mixes by balancing the individual
frequency bands for advanced mixing techniques. The EQs and channel
faders themselves features curves equivalent to those found on the
DJM-9000NXS2, giving you optimal precision while mixing.

The channel
fader delivers improved accuracy and a smoother operation, perfect for
longer mixes that require gliding transitions.fader and crossfader

One of the most prominent
features of the mixer is the Magvel crossfader (also taken from the
DJM-900NXS2) is perfect for a range of applications, from transitioning
mixes to scratching, providing an accurate and smooth operation that
will last for more than 10 million movements.



Professional Integrated FX


One of the most sought after features of modern-day DJ mixer’s is the
ability to provide FX for more dynamic mixing.filter effect

You can add a range of
professional effects to your mixes using the filter suite (Also
inherited from the DJM-900NXS2) featuring a wide variety of FX
including: Dub Echo, Sweep, Noise, Filter and more.

Beat FX are also
included which sync to the tempo of your mix to create BPM-based effects
including: Delay, Echo, Spiral, Reverb, Trans, Flanger, Pitch and Roll.

Additionally, there is a send and return connection which allows youbeat fx effect section
to connect applications from your mobile device via USB and use them
alongside the mixers internal FX. Simply choose your preferred return
type from Aux or Insert to achieve the sound you want.

If the filter on the Xone 23 is not enough you know which one is for you!



DVS Output


The DJM-450 comes complete with free licence keys for Pioneer’s
professional DJ performance applications (Rekordbox DJ and Rekordbox
DVS), allowing you to play digital tracks from your computer using
turntables and a control vinyl

The DJ-450’s built-in
sound card allows you to connect the mixer to your computer using a
single USB cable for added convenience.



Pros and Cons



  • Large possibility of effetcsmicrophone line output
  • Reckordbox DJ & DVS included!!
  • Low latence
  • Great Sound Quality
  • Independent MIC Section
  • Robust Faders


  • can be confusing for the beginners with all the effects on it
  • The Price: You are paying the brand as well



Who is it For?


The DJM-450 is a professional mixer and it could be the only one you’ll ever buy. If you are going to be a scratch DJ, this is the mixer for you.aux section

As a DJ Mobile is definitely enough, but because it’s only a 2 channel mixer you might be short in output in the future.

An important point to don’t forget is the price, if you short in budget and are not a big fan of monthly payment don’t break you bank account and go for the Numark M4.





Resident in UK you can have a finance from £18.27/Month and it Includes 2 years warranty & 30 days money back guarantee => DJM-450

Resident in US & CANADA you can have a finance from $58.25/Month => DJM-450mic section


Resident in UK, FR, CAN, US, Cheapest place is always been on Amazon but no finance plan unfortunately => DJM-450




Numark M4, Xone 23 or DJM-450 are three excellent products I recommend and I’ve used in the past.

My recommendation would be the Xone 23. I’m currently using the Xone 92 and I never had a single problem. A&H for me is the reference of a pure and clean sound.

If you have the budget and want to improve your DJ skills with some effects, go for the DJM-450.

You plan to use more devices and have a good DJ set, your new in this musical world and don’t have the budget for it. Then the Numark M4 is for you

If you have any questions on these products feel free to leave a comment below


dj mixer full view numark M4xone 23 full viewdjm 450 full view




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